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Become a partner

We believe that partners are key to our future success. Whether you are a service provider, systems integrator, independent education software vendor, reseller or other type of technology provider, we want you to provide solutions to enhance our customers' SIMS system.

Our partner scheme has been designed specifically to accommodate smaller companies as well as providing benefits for larger ones. We provide you with the assistance to help your products integrate with SIMS easily. Any organisation interested in reselling SIMS outside the UK, please contact Deborah Fisher.

Schools have the ability to produce reports from SIMS and provide this data to third parties as long as data protection laws (and potentially school or LA policies) are adhered to by all parties. This does not require a third party to partner with Capita.

However, potential Capita partners may require more advanced methods to allow access to data, identify changed data or write data back to SIMS. Our partner management document provides the information to help you evaluate the type of partner you may want to be and what to do next.

Please note when planning your software development our interfaces will be updated over the next 12 months.

We have been asked many times for RESTful API access to the current version of SIMS. There is no plan to make these available for the current version but they are central to our plans for the next generation of SIMS; interfaces will be based on common place industry protocols with the aim of reducing partner development costs.

Currently in SIMS most entities have two identifiers. One is an integer (internal) and the other a GUID (external). Capita will preserve the GUIDs as part of the upgrade to the new APIS but not the integers. Our key message to companies in preparation for these upgrades is to encourage all parties to extract and store external IDs (GUIDS) in addition to internal IDs (Integers). This can be done without waiting for the new APIs to become common place in schools.

Partner benefits

Our primary objective in this programme is to deliver best value to our schools and local authority customers through our partners. We focus on four key areas:

  • Access to Capita Children’s Services SIMS products
  • Not-for-resale SIMS software is delivered to partners early in the product development cycle
    from product beta versions through to release software
  • Technical readiness
  • Tools, training and consultancy, which enable partners to build upon our Microsoft SQL technologies
  • Technical support
  • Email and web based support, partner zone
  • Business development
  • Promote your business to schools based on your product’s SIMS accreditation

Download the Partner Management document


Download the Partner Development Support Charter


Download the School Development Partner Scheme

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