Changes to assessment may have initially increased the demands on schools, but with the right tools, it offers the potential for more appropriate, less burdensome, assessment.

Our new research reveals that 85% of teachers feel progress-tracking technology positively impacts on their workload when it comes to monitoring pupil progress. Assessment should support teaching and learning and be driven by your school’s own assessment policy.

Assessment that supports teaching and learning

SIMS Assessment offers the flexibility for you to assess in a way that supports your school. Teachers can see an individual’s progress towards end of year or school expectations live as they enter their assessments. Record formative or summative achievement and receive instant analysis on the same screen to help monitor student performance efficiently in one place within SIMS. Quick access to this information helps teachers to focus on teaching and support pupil progress.

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Efficient data entry with the SIMS Teacher app

The SIMS Teacher app allows for quick data entry, helping to reduce teacher workload. The app makes recording formative and summative pupil assessment fast and straightforward. The resulting efficiency gains will give you more time to focus on supporting pupil progress, make timely interventions where required, and ultimately improve pupil outcomes.

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