Every member of staff has a responsibility for safeguarding their pupils. SIMS provides a child-centred solution to safeguarding and identifies emerging problems - helping to facilitate immediate targeted actions, provide evidence to Ofsted and drive improved outcomes for pupils.

Identify emerging problems

Children need to receive the right help at the right time to address risks and prevent issues escalating. Patterns and changes in pupils’ attendance and behaviour that may be impacting their progress could be used as key measures indicating potential emerging problems. Analysis of real-time data is the best way to spot growing trends.

How SIMS helps...

Alerts of changes in patterns of attendance, behaviour and progress for individual pupils and vulnerable groups can automatically be seen on your SIMS Homepage, saving time. Reminders of medical events, and key tasks such as a reminder that a pupil is due to return from a lengthy absence can also appear on your SIMS Homepage so the school can take action.

Your staff can instantly record assessment, attendance, rewards and behaviour with flexible off and online working, with the SIMS Teacher app, ensuring your data is always up-to-date.

Enable the early identification of safeguarding risks and trends across a wide range of concerns through the comprehensive data dashboards in MyConcern. Automatic notifications from MyConcern are sent to the designated safeguarding lead when any new concerns arise.

Track the impact of safeguarding interventions

Being able to monitor and track pupils’ progress, readiness to learn and self-regulation is critical to understanding if your intervention strategy is having a positive impact. By monitoring which pupils are falling in or out of the persistent absence group or a group set up to monitor poor behaviour, you will be able to see if your strategy is working. This makes it even easier for you to reward the child, rewarding improved attendance and positive behaviour where appropriate. 

How SIMS helps...

You can receive instant alerts indicating changes to a pupil’s performance, attendance or behaviour with SIMS Discover, allowing you to take immediate action where required.

Track and monitor how effective the additional resource has been with SIMS Interventions by a range of different areas, such as SEND, Pupil Premium, academic interventions and pastoral support. Interventions can be monitored at an individual or group wide level.

Working together to safeguard children

If children and families are to receive the right help at the right time, everyone who comes into contact with them has a role to play in identifying concerns, sharing information and taking prompt action.

Effective engagement with parent and guardians should also be considered as they are in a key position to drive insight and improvement from home.

How SIMS helps…

Schools can facilitate joint working and information, sharing groups with trusted partners and colleagues, by adding them as team members to a specific concern or pupil profile in MyConcern. This promotes a complete picture of an individual’s well-being and enables your school to manage concerns and pupils. It also enables the relevant team members to act when required.

Enhance your safeguarding strategy by effectively communicating with parents. With SIMS InTouch, schools can automatically alert parents of their child’s attendance, conduct and achievement, ensuring a timely and appropriate follow-up.

SIMS Activities gives parents visibility of their children’s whereabouts during extra-curricular activities. Schools can quickly and easily notify parents if activities are cancelled, delayed or if any details change.

Evidence the positive impact of interventions

Schools need to prove that they are meeting the Safeguarding judgement in the Ofsted Framework, demonstrate best practice and that their interventions ensure pupils are happy and engaged in their learning environment.

How SIMS helps...

SIMS Discover allows you to clearly evidence and assess the positive impact that your safeguarding and intervention strategy has had on your school. This overview can be shared with governors and inspectors to support discussions, with the ability to produce different analyses easily in order to draw conclusions.

Individual pupil reports can be generated through SIMS and shared with parents though SIMS InTouch, which allows you to drive parental engagement.

MyConcern meets all the requirements for DfE guidance and Ofsted inspection standards. The solution provides clear, auditable evidence for inspections. Powerful reporting tools deliver management reports for senior leaders, governing bodies, local authorities and other groups of schools.