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Managing behaviour and attendance

Poor attendance and negative behaviour can disrupt the culture of even the best schools, while rewarding good behaviour makes a significant contribution to helping you raise standards.

With the right information to hand, you can identify problems early and put measures in place for swift improvement. SIMS allows you to keep track of attendance and behaviour and to communicate key issues to staff and parents easily.

Managing behaviour and attendance

Monitor attendance and punctuality throughout the day

With SIMS you can record and view attendance throughout the school day, enabling you to spot any trends developing in individuals, groups or school-wide. Persistent truants are identified quickly and you can see if a child is continually arriving late for a class and if this is affecting their learning.

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See the impact on achievement and take action quickly

SIMS helps you to focus on problem areas and intervene quickly. With the help of data analysis tool SIMS Discover, you can analyse behaviour and attendance patterns and link these to performance, ensuring that low-level poor behaviour does not go unnoticed and good behaviour is acknowledged. You can also send automatic alerts to relevant staff so that they can take immediate action.

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Encourage improvement

Through SIMS you can involve parents in supporting their child. You can log good behaviour and report pupils’ achievements to parents when they reach certain milestones. You can also give parents access to their child’s attendance and behaviour records via SIMS Learning Gateway so they can encourage improvement from home.

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Working as a team to improve truancy and behaviour

SIMS instantly displays which pupils have not arrived at school or for a lesson, making it easy for you to inform parents by SMS or email with SIMS InTouch. To keep teachers informed, you can use the electronic communications tool to automatically alert other teachers linked to a child when a behaviour incident or achievement is logged in SIMS.

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Product brochures
Product brochures

The full power of SIMS

SIMS Consultancy Services can help you release the full potential of SIMS quickly in your school so you can start making an impact on your inspection preparation immediately. We also offer training courses tailored to your school’s specific needs.

For more information on How SIMS helps, download our brochures: TeachersSenior leadersSupport staff and Parents and students.