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Motivating and retaining quality staff

4 out of 10 newly qualified teachers quit within a year and there are a record number of mid-career leavers to date, according to government figures.

As a senior leader, you’re only too aware of the significant impact the quality of teachers can have on your schools and pupils outcomes. With increased workloads and salary pressures it has become harder to engage and retain quality teachers.

With SIMS, you can streamline workloads and ensure staff are fully involved in their professional development and track CPD, so they will always know how they’re doing. You can efficiently manage all aspects of retaining and developing your staff, including monitoring the quality of teaching; evidencing performance related pay and proving to Ofsted the impact your staff are making across your school.

Identify how best to support your staff

Ensuring you’re getting the best out of your teachers is the key to the success of any school. To drive this you need to identify areas of development or training needs for each of your teachers. A key measure when agreeing development targets for teachers is past progress and attainment of pupils and the factors that may have influenced those outcomes.

How SIMS helps...

Past performance of pupils can be viewed in SIMS, alongside other influencing factors such as attendance and behaviour. Agreed development targets and success criteria for all staff can be recorded and reported in SIMS Staff Performance.

Empower staff and reduce workloads

Empower your staff by giving them the tools to do what they do best, teach. Allow your staff to work more flexibly by enabling them to input and access data whenever and wherever they need.

How SIMS helps...

Give your staff the flexibility of accessing SIMS anytime, anywhere with Hosted SIMS. With the SIMS Teacher app you can simplify everyday classroom tasks, like taking the register, recording assessment and conduct. With SIMS Assessment, your teachers will only be required to enter assessment data once and they can use it multiple times.

Keep your staff engaged

Having the right development programme in place can make for more motivated staff. Make sure staff are fully involved in the process and set expectations from the start so they know what they’re working towards. There are many criteria by which teachers might be assessed. This could be the overall achievement of pupils against targets, or showing the effect of interventions on Pupil Premium and other vulnerable children.

How SIMS helps...

Create personal development plans and easily measure achievement against professional standards, and link individual objectives to whole school priorities.

Monitor the quality of teaching

Monitor the quality of teaching and the impact of learning with regular reviews. Objectives, meeting notes and training records need to be held centrally to give a complete overview of that teacher.

How SIMS helps...

You can easily add evidence by uploading documents to teacher records and appraisals can be monitored and stored in one place with SIMS Staff Performance. Our School Improvement Team can also be on hand to provide INSET for staff carrying out lesson observations and training on marking and moderation skills.

Evidence the impact of great teachers

Show the positive impact of staff against professional standards and justify to colleagues, governors and Ofsted the reasons behind pay decisions.

How SIMS helps...

You can measure pupil progress using SIMS Assessment and SIMS Discover and link this directly to how well your staff are doing. Reporting in SIMS Staff Performance allows you to view reports quickly and easily proving you are meeting and raising standards within your school.

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