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Parental engagement

Keeping parents informed of their child's school life is critical for inspiring learning. The challenge is to efficiently the way you collect and communicate the information parents need.

Whatever the current level of parental engagement in your school, SIMS provides solutions that will help you initiate and control the parental engagement agenda, helping you work together to improve pupil progress.

Parental engagement

Share real time information

Keep parents updated – wherever they are

Imagine being able to keep parents fully up-to-date with everything relating to their child’s school life, in a way that is convenient for them. The SIMS Parent app is easy to use and accessible from a smartphone, tablet or PC. It lets you share information on attendance, behaviour and achievement, while a clear dashboard displays key information at a glance and parents with more than one child attending the same school can access information for all their children, from the same app.

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Engage parents in the children’s school life

With SIMS InTouch, you can engage parents – in an instant. Combining both SMS and email, you can send messages relating to a pupil’s behaviour, unexplained absences, special educational needs and more, and parents can quickly reply. This two way communication engages parents in their child’s school life and helps to improve a school’s safeguarding arrangements.

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Keeping parents updated wherever they are
Inspire pupil motivation

Encourage the uptake of extra-curricular activities

Parents have greater visibility of their child’s whereabouts for activities before and after school, with SIMS Activities. A dedicated parent portal lets parents track and respond to invites for school clubs and trips and provide consent where necessary.

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Inspire student motivation

Encourage students to drive their own achievement by allowing them to see how they are progressing towards their learning targets. The SIMS Student app allows you to share information with students before, during or after school. They can easily access the information from their smartphone, tablet or PC.

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For more information on how SIMS helps you to drive engagement with parents and students, download our brochure.

Parent app