Whether you've set up your free school or are in the early stages, you need the right management systems in place to ensure your pupils can achieve their full potential. With fast, easy access to the information you need, SIMS helps you make informed, evidence-based decisions so that you can continue to raise overall standards across all areas of your school.

With over 30 years' experience in the education sector, and now working with over 200 free schools, we have a unique understanding of the demands and opportunities you face and can support you every step of the way to success.

Use data to target improvements

With all the data you need at your fingertips, SIMS helps you track assessment, behaviour and attendance effectively and identify areas for improvement. By using SIMS Discover for data analysis, for example, you can monitor and analyse pupil achievement, helping you target interventions, make informed decisions based on evidence, and help your pupils achieve better results.

Reduce administration, including the submission of statutory returns

SIMS helps to speed up many administrative tasks, such as registration, assessment, timetabling and reporting. SIMS also supports your statutory obligations with automatic submission of statutory returns. By removing unnecessary processes, you can avoid duplication of work, reduce the risk of errors and free up your staff to do their jobs well.

Connect and share with parents

Keeping parents informed about school life is critical for inspiring learning. Provide parents with instant online access to their child's information via the new SIMS Parent app, helping them to provide the right learning support at home.

Keep track of pupil numbers

SIMS allows you to stay on top of pupil intake and forecasting numbers. Holding data centrally in SIMS, you can clearly see the number of pupil applications you've received, project future pupil numbers and communicate quickly with prospective parents.

Be prepared when the inspectors call

When you have access to information on all areas of school performance at the touch of a button, an inspection by Ofsted becomes an opportunity to demonstrate your school's progress and success. SIMS gives you access to real time assessment of how your school is performing on every level and where further development is needed, so you can continually progress.

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