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Tracking pupil progress... across the new national curriculum

Having the freedom to choose how you assess pupils against the national curriculum presents a need for a robust tracking strategy. In a recent customer survey 78% of respondents reported they are either unprepared or have not finalised plans for the removal of levels. SIMS supports you wherever you are in the process.


The first step is to identify what outstanding assessment looks like and how it applies to your school as every school is unique. This is not just about enabling teachers to collect and analyse data. It requires a much broader focus. And regardless of the approach you decide upon, it will need to stand up to close scrutiny from key stakeholders and be thoroughly embedded throughout your school.

Identify your assessment approach

How SIMS helps...

As part of our School Improvement Programme we are providing consultancy services to ensure that:
  • the school policy meets outstanding practice, is communicated effectively and understood by teachers, pupils, governors, parents and carers
  • effective assessment is closely linked to improving the quality of teaching and the system is used to inform planning to meet the needs of all learners
  • the forensic analysis of data provides evidence to support performance management requirements
  • self-evaluation processes are supported by comprehensive moderation of pupil work which supports consistent teacher judgements
  • whole school assessment is driven by effective AfL in the classroom.
Build a picture of each pupil


Once you have the beginnings of your strategy you need to choose a software system that supports you and makes your assessment process as efficient and easy for teachers to follow as possible. It also needs to evolve with you. Your strategy will not be set in stone from day one; in fact a staged approach is often the best. Ofsted have stated in the inspectors handbook that they expect assessment to be a work in progress during the autumn term.

How SIMS helps...

We have worked with schools to develop resources that enable teachers to record regular assessments easily and efficiently. These have been based on the demands of the new national curriculum and will support a smooth transition for the management of future assessment. The resources are available within our standard product or via a consultancy service to develop an individual school solution.


Being able to track the progress of individuals and groups of pupils is critical in deciding who needs additional support to realise their full potential. Viewing this alongside other contextual information such as a child’s attendance, behaviour or SEN status enables you to not only choose the right interventions, but also measure their impact and effectiveness.

Having this information means my staff and I can talk about how to make sure this child gets the right academic and pastoral support to make better progress.

Christine Terrey, Headteacher,
Harbour Primary and Infant school

How SIMS helps...

Progress Grids show teachers whether each student is emerging, developing, secure or has mastered a skill in a simple traffic light display. This allows schools to spot if a child is progressing or not, no matter what assessment system they follow.

SIMS Discover presents a clear and complete analysis of your school information and instantly alerts you to changes to a pupil’s performance, attendance or behaviour so you can act quickly to get them back on track.

If you use SIMS Assessment with your own resources, our new mapping tool helps maps your data to pre-defined resources such as Marksheets, Tracking Grids, Analysis and Discover graphs. It will also help drive assessment in the one-click school report. Making it even easier to track pupil progress.

Build a picture of each pupil


Being able to provide proof that you are making an impact to your pupils’ learning is now even more important. Parents, governors and inspectors will want to know that with the new freedom you are making the right decisions for every pupil. Parents that have been used to hearing what level their child is at will need to understand how their child is doing in your new system.

How SIMS helps...

The new one-click School Report provides a snapshot of your school’s attendance, achievement and behaviour information as well as some assessment data for Key Stage 2 and/or 4. This overview can be shared with governors and inspectors to support discussion, with detailed analysis provided by SIMS Discover.

Our School Improvement Programme provides practical advice on designing and implementing communication strategies to ensure parents are kept informed with information they understand and can act upon. SIMS Learning Gateway and SIMS InTouch are valuable tools that support your strategy making it easier to implement efficiently across your whole school.

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