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Leading and managing outstanding safeguarding practice

As education professionals we all strive to support our children and young people in their learning and preparation for adult life. With children spending a large part of their lives in school, teachers and teaching assistants are well placed to spot when things might be going wrong for the children in their care. When Ofsted inspectors evaluate the safeguarding and welfare of pupils in a school it is because we all know that children will thrive in a safe and secure learning environment.

SIMS enables you to spot where things might be going wrong for pupils, facilitating immediate targeted actions - helping you keep your pupils safe and support your positive learning environment.

Discover graph persistent absences


You will want to identify patterns and changes in pupils’ attendance and behaviour that may be impacting their progress. Analysis of real-time data is the best way to spot growing trends.

How SIMS helps...

Through the class register your teachers can instantly record assessment, attendance, rewards and behaviour with flexible off and online working, with the SIMS Teacher app, ensuring your data is always up-to-date.

Alerts of changes in patterns of attendance, behaviour and progress for individual pupils and vulnerable groups can be seen on your SIMS Homepage – so you don’t have to use time looking. Reminders of medical events, and key tasks such as a reminder that a pupil is due to return from a lengthy absence can also appear on your Homepage to jog your memory.

With SIMS Activities, details of pupils expected to attend extra-curricular activities are auto populated on the attendance register so that pupils can be registered electronically. In the event of an emergency a pupil on-site register can be created at the click of a button.


To choose the right intervention you need to have all the information on a child.

How SIMS helps...

See a clear and complete picture of your data graphically with simple drag and drop actions, using Venn diagrams, bar and pie charts and line graphs in SIMS Discover. From here you can drill down into pupil information, giving you all the details to hand to help you decide the most appropriate intervention that includes all key factors, such as bullying incidents, persistent absence, behaviour and achievement points.

Assessment with confidence in a world without levels

You and your staff can effortlessly analyse student data in minutes with SIMS Discover, identifying you to specific at risk student or groups that require additional support. This allows you to intervene early and get your pupils back on track.

Homepage Attendance


Being able to monitor and track pupils’ readiness to learn and self-regulation is critical to understanding if your intervention strategy is making a positive impact. By monitoring which pupils are falling in or out of the persistent absence group or even the behaviour group, you will be able to see if your strategy is working. This makes it even easier for you to congratulate the child where appropriate.

How SIMS helps...

You can receive instant alerts indicating changes to a pupil’s performance, attendance or behaviour with SIMS Discover; so you can take immediate action where required.

Our intervention widget on the SIMS Homepage ensures that you and your teachers can instantly see how your interventions have had an impact to a pupil’s performance, attendance or behaviour over time.

Through simple and effective communication between you and your stakeholders, you will be able to effectively manage and enhance the success of your intervention strategy. You can automatically alert parents of their child’s attendance, conduct and achievement, with SIMS InTouch ensuring a timely and appropriate follow-up.

SIMS Activities gives parents visibility of their children’s whereabouts during extra-curricular activities. Schools can quickly and easily notify parents if activities are cancelled, delayed or details change.


Being able to demonstrate that your interventions are supporting a happy and engaged learning environment to stakeholders is now even more important.

Types of behaviour points over time

How SIMS helps...

You can easily evidence the impact on the whole school efficiently and graphically through SIMS School Report, generated in the report section of SIMS.

SIMS Discover allows you to clearly evidence and assess the positive impact your intervention strategy has had on your school and reveal the impact of a happy and engaged learning environment. This overview can be shared with governors and inspectors to support discussion, with detailed analysis provided by SIMS Discover.

Individual pupil reports can be generated through SIMS and shared with parents though SIMS Learning Gateway. SIMS Learning Gateway is a valuable tool that can make it easier to implement your strategy across your whole school.