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Online Free School Meals (OFSM) for primary and secondary schools and academies

The provision of a nutritious meal at lunchtime has been shown to improve the performance and well-being of pupils, however government figures indicate that up to 200,000 parents and carers are entitled but not claiming them.

The OFSM system is proven to remove the stigma attached to applying for this benefit, particularly for those parents and carers near the financial cut-off point, and ensures accurate continuing entitlement checking for both those currently and not currently eligible. In addition the system provides a fail-safe government backed eligibility result removing the bureaucracy and doubt for school office staff in checking hard copy documents.

“In the short space of time that we’ve been using OFSM, we’ve already had five children sign up for free school meals”

Sarah Nicholls, School Business Manager at Oswald Road Primary School

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Why choose OFSM?

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    Removes the stigma of personal application for parent/carers

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    Ensures eligibility status is accurate through regular automatic audit thereby saving money for meals that are no longer due and ensuring they are provided for those that are.

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    Self-contained back office system for administration.

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    Removes the need for annual renewal: apply once only, check regularly.

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