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HCSS Budgeting for schools and academies

HCSS Budgeting enables you to stay in control of your budget whilst minimising the errors and inconsistencies that can inevitably occur when using a spreadsheet.

With the ability to create and modify budgets securely online, HCSS Budgeting provides you with the flexibility required to develop, agree and maintain a five year budget plan for your school or academy.

Why choose HCSS Budgeting?

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    Plan for any financial scenario

    Plan numerous financial scenarios and review the financial impact of all changes.

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    Easy to use

    Simple to use and visually informative reporting will help you effectively and efficiently communicate your financial performance to your stakeholders.

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    Efficiently produce a five year financial plan

    Develop a five year financial projection with ease.

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    Remain updated with national requirements

    Constant in-year updates for all national requirements.

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    Make the most of your budget planning

    Supports collaborative budget planning.

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    Integrates with SIMS Financial Management System (FMS)

    Strategic partnership and integrated links with SIMS FMS for primary and secondary schools and academies.

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