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Your school needs to keep detailed, readily available records on your pupils and staff, but this can be costly and time-consuming. Swordfish enables schools to securely store and access documents at the touch of a button, helping you to reduce costs and save valuable staff time.

With Swordfish, all of your pupil and staff-related information can be instantly accessed from a single system, meaning that management activities and important decision-making become smoother and more efficient.

Why choose Swordfish?

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    Access pupil data from one source

    Provides a single and secure location for all pupil-related documents, data, emails, files, images and reports. This gives you a complete record of your pupils from just one software system.

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    Increase staff efficiencies

    Eliminates duplication of data entry, provides easy indexing and powerful search functionalities, and add-ins allow users to save directly from MS Office, emails, and PDFs – saving time and effort.

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    Improve pupil experience

    Our specialist skills, resources and insight support you in improving your pupil experience, helping your school to deliver better outcomes for pupils and give peace of mind to staff and parents.

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    Save money on printing

    Significantly reduces copying and printing costs, helping you to achieve sustainability goals, as well as reducing storage needs.

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