SIMS Activities lets schools efficiently manage extra-curricular activities such as school trips, homework clubs and after school activities. It reduces administration time for staff, helps to improve safeguarding and drives parental engagement.

Whether you’re scheduling activities before, during or after school, you can easily send out invites, manage responses and keep parents regularly updated.

Register pupils and access key information

Details of pupils expected to attend extra-curricular activities are automatically populated on the attendance register. Supervisors can quickly access additional pupil information directly from the register, such as emergency contact details, medical details, SEN and pupil premium status.

Keep parents up-to-date

A dedicated parent and pupil portal allows students or parents to log-in, track and respond to activity invites. Parents have greater visibility of their children’s whereabouts. Schools can quickly and easily update parents of any changes to activities, new activities or cancellations.

You can set up automatic email notifications for parents and pupils to notify them of changes or new extra-curricular activities.

Keep parents up-to-date on extra-curricular activities

Track and manage activities

With SIMS Activities, it is easy to manage pupils' attendance of extra-curricular activities. It allows you to accept and withdraw bookings or place pupils on a waiting list. You can access instant graphical reports of various activities taking place across your school so you can analyse data for attendance levels, run emergency registers and much more.

Secure and flexible

SIMS Activities is available from any internet enabled device - anytime, anywhere. The secure cloud-based software allows staff, parents and pupils to log-in through Microsoft, Google, Office 365, Facebook or Twitter.

Secure and flexible cloud based extra-curricular activities management software

How SIMS Activities helps

  • Teachers

    Quickly take a register and access information to support pupils during activities. Attendance information can also help teachers write reports and discuss progress at parent’s evening.

  • Senior leaders

    Instantly evidence the availability of extra-curricular activities during school inspections and help your safeguarding policy by providing evidence that you’re keeping pupils safe.

  • Parents and pupils

    Quick and easy access to available activities, electronic consent and automatic attendance updates, makes attending school activities less stressful and hassle-free.

Hosted SIMS

Secure access to your school's data from any device. We take care of maintenance, backups and upgrades. Find out more about Hosted SIMS >

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