With increasing demands on your office staff’s time, simplifying school payment administration has never been more important. As part of our integrated, online payment solution, SIMS Agora helps you easily collect school payments from parents simply, securely and cost-effectively, using data you already have in SIMS - helping you significantly reduce your school’s payment administration.

Streamline your school payment administration

Effortlessly create items for purchase such as school trips, uniform, school events and more, with SIMS Agora’s simple and intuitive wizard interface. Send automatic alerts to parents about new products and reminders, for example when an instalment for a school trip is due. Manage stock and event capacity, and easily collect payments for a range of items and parental consent - saving your school office significant time.

Complete online payment solution

Integration with SIMS Dinner Money and other cashless catering providers allow parents to top up and view their child’s school meal balance and receive automatic payment reminders when it is low. Payments are synchronised between SIMS Agora and cashless catering providers, including SIMS Dinner Money, so there is no manual entry required. By reconciling parent payments with meal requirements, schools can ensure their school meal provision is correct, improving cash-flow and reducing the need for debt chasing.

Integrated, online school payments

Enhanced financial efficiency and accuracy in data

Streamline your refunds process by automating refund requests. Parents will receive the refund into the same account within two working days. Save time and improve your data accuracy by automatically reconciling all school payments and link product codes in your school's FMS with the synchronisation of SIMS Agora and SIMS Financial Management System. SIMS Agora enables access to information such as tracking payments, a clear audit trail and helps for improved efficiency in the finance office.

Engage parents and receive monies quicker

With everything in one place, it is much easier for parents to manage their school payments, whether they are using a smartphone, tablet or PC. Parents also have the option to pay by instalment, spreading the costs into more manageable chunks. Parents can choose to pay in whichever way suits them, whether it's by debit/credit card, PayPoint, the Post Office, manual cash or cheque payments - helping your school to receive payments quicker.

Reduce parent payment debt

Safe and secure

Improve the safety of your pupils and staff by becoming a cashless school. By allowing parents to make online school payments, children will no longer be required to carry cash to school. With less cash held at your school, you'll have peace of mind that all transactions are safe and secure, and in turn, reduce your school office workload.

  • We have seen a real reduction in the amount of money we have to count each week. SIMS Agora is saving us so much time!

    Jane Pettitt, Finance Manager at Upwood Primary School

  • Using SIMS Agora has made a huge difference with parents, and is making the day-to-day collection of monies so much easier. The integration [with SIMS FMS] just finalises the process, and is much more efficient.

    Jane Pettitt, Finance Manager at Upwood Primary School

  • The link between SIMS Agora and FMS has saved the school so much time. The efficiency and reporting has improved because everything is in one place - FMS.

    Kath Ryans, School Programme Consultant, ICT Service

  • Selecting SIMS Agora for our online parent payments was an easy choice. The automatic integration with SIMS Dinner Money was the main benefit for us as it seamlessly updates when parents make a payment.

    Mandy Paris, School Administrator at The Park Lane Primary School

How SIMS Agora helps

  • Headteacher

    Data is held within the school’s SIMS system, so there’s no need to enter, transfer or update pupil information elsewhere. SIMS Agora ensures improved safeguarding and security for pupils and staff.

  • School Administrator

    Reduce the administration workload in school and streamline the work in the finance office, saving your school many hours per week and helping to reduce costs.

  • Business Manager

    Automatically consolidate your school finances and reduce administrative time and money spent on payment collection and banking procedures.

  • Parents

    SIMS Agora makes managing free primary school meals and collecting meal payments even easier with the synchronisation of SIMS Dinner Money and SIMS Agora.

  • Primary

    SIMS Agora makes managing free primary school meals and collecting meal payments even easier with the synchronisation of SIMS Dinner Money and SIMS Agora.

  • Secondary

    Streamline school meal processes with the integration of SIMS Agora and your school's cashless catering provider. 

  • Independent

    Simplify your school payment administration and enhance financial efficiency with SIMS Agora.

Online Free School Meals

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