We understand that assessment should start with the child, support teaching and learning and be driven by your school’s own assessment policy. SIMS Assessment offers the flexibility for you to assess in a way that supports your school.

Teachers can see an individual’s progress towards end of year or school expectations live as they enter their assessments. Quick access to this information means timely interventions can be introduced to support pupil progress.

Tracks progress from nursery through to Key Stage 4

Early Years resources allow teachers to record and monitor the progress of pupils from nursery through reception across all 17 areas of learning. The Programmes of Study screen gives Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 teachers access to the entire national curriculum to track progress against. For Key Stage 4, schools can create their own marksheets, tracking grids and calculations to assess using the new GCSEs and the 1-9 grade system.

Adapts to reflect the focus of your own curriculum

Schools can adapt the Programmes of Study to support the specific needs of their school and align with the focus of their own assessment policy. Additional subjects, strands or statements can be created. Where schools choose to adapt the language used within statements, the original DfE versions are always maintained for future reference. Any newly created resource will automatically link to the pre-defined analysis and reports.

Pupil-focused – highlight what pupils know and don’t yet know

See which stage of the curriculum a pupil is working within by easily recording ongoing formative assessments against the national curriculum and provide summative judgements at termly or half termly intervals. Highlight what pupils know, and don’t yet know and understand the outcomes, regardless of assessment model. Help pupils to understand what they are good at and identify key areas for development by sharing specific pupil strengths and next steps comments recorded during the term.

Instant analysis of progress and attainment of individuals and key groups

Instant analysis is displayed on the data entry screen, so teachers always have sight of an individual’s progress towards end of year or school expectations. Filter key pupil groups to review their attainment and progress towards expectations to help highlight gaps or identify where interventions may be needed. Teach the curriculum however you choose and let SIMS provide the analysis based on what you’re focusing on to support assessment best practice.

In-depth analysis via SIMS Discover

Several types of SIMS Discover graphs link to SIMS Assessment resources for more visual analysis. These graphs allow quick, visual analysis against other pastoral measures such as attendance or behaviour, and to compare in-depth performance of key groups or classes.

Accessible on the go

Staff can access the whole of SIMS Assessment wherever there is an internet connection through Hosted SIMS. Alternatively marksheets and Programmes of Study are included in the SIMS Teacher app, providing a streamlined view for efficient data entry and supporting in-class teacher practices, allowing teachers to record achievement as it is observed. On-screen analysis also provides instant feedback towards achievement, raising awareness and promoting accountability.

Watch our demo to see how to record assessments in the SIMS Teacher app 

How SIMS Assessment helps

  • Teachers

    Record formative or summative achievement and receive instant analysis on the same screen to help monitor student performance efficiently in one place within SIMS.

  • Senior leaders

    Identify what pupils across the school know and don’t yet know. Analyse progress and identify trends – from proving you’re closing the gap with Pupil Premium children to monitoring the impact of poor attendance on achievement.

  • Parents and pupils

    Teachers have easy access to individual pupil reports which they can share with parents to find out how their child is progressing. Pupils understand their strengths and next steps.

Hosted SIMS

Secure access to your school's data from any device. We take care of maintenance, backups and upgrades. Find out more about Hosted SIMS >