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SIMS Core Suite for secondary schools and academies

As the central source of your secondary school data, SIMS Core Suite allows you to collate, edit and analyse information, helping you to build a complete picture of every student.

See a full profile of your school through the activities of your students. SIMS Core Suite delivers accurate information you need to help actively manage your school and make real-time decisions based on evidence, not assumptions.

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Why choose SIMS Core Suite?

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    Communicate efficiently

    Send immediate messages straight to the right people - prepare quick letters home using the contact details already saved in SIMS.

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    Easily access vital, up-to-date information

    Find out who keeps missing school, whether your Gifted and Talented Register reflects your student demographics and when bad behaviour is most common. ‘Alerts’ remind you when students' records need updating so you can ensure data is always accurate and current.

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    Save time on administration

    Schools have saved over 370 hours in the first year alone by entering achievement and behaviour information directly into SIMS.

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