Managing school meals can be a complex task, without having to worry about the administration around it. SIMS Dinner Money provides an easy-to-use solution to manage and report on school meals efficiently. Record, monitor and share pupil meal choices and track the financial aspects automatically.

Save your staff valuable time

SIMS Dinner Money offers simple school meal administration that helps to streamline your processes and quickly pays for itself. On average, schools can gain over 2-3 hours of admin time per week – larger primaries can save even more. Manage banking returns and outstanding monies and refunds easily all within one system, making your payments easier to handle.

Simple school meal administration

Automatic updates for SIMS Attendance

All pupil and staff information is derived from your core SIMS database and with a direct link to SIMS Attendance, whether a pupil is present, absent or has gone home sick, your school canteen will always know what’s happening. This gives your school more time to focus on educating children in the knowledge that their dietary needs are being satisfied.

Make reporting simple

Combine information on pupils and staff, meals and payments, term dates and non-teaching days automatically, and generate letters and comprehensive reports instantly.

Dinner Numbers report in SIMS Dinner Money

Effectively monitor and manage debt

In the case of any outstanding monies, schools are able to set up their own templates for debtor and creditor letters, which can be printed and sent to parents. Where schools use SIMS Agora, parents can receive free automatic payment reminders when their child’s school meal balance is low. Debt and credit dinner money letters can be automatically sent via email directly to parents or carers through SIMS InTouch.

Effective school meal accounting
  • SIMS Dinner Money gives me the reassurance that money received for school dinners is being managed accurately and efficiently.

    Robin Haslegrove, Headteacher, Chad Vale Primary School

  • Dinner Money saves me at least half a day a week.

    Dianne Parry, School Administrator, Gravel Hill Primary School

  • Schools are responsible for all school meals accounting, including debts. By using the Dinner Money Module, schools save valuable time and satisfy audit procedures.

    Paul Butler, SIMS Strategic Manager, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

  • Previously, if a child went home poorly or came in late, I had to alter everything manually - SIMS Dinner Money does it in seconds.

    Tracey Pearson, Clerical Assistant, Little Heath Primary School

How SIMS Dinner Money helps

  • Headteacher

    Headteachers get the peace of mind that their data is reliable and can confidently provide assurance to parents that they have the correct dietary requirements for their child. 

  • School Administrator

    SIMS Dinner Money removes hours of administration work, from instant monitoring of reports to sending automated debt letters to parents.

  • Business Manager

    SIMS Dinner Money helps simplify money management. It records all payments whatever the format, manages banking returns, outstanding monies and refunds and allows customised pricing for different menus.

  • Teacher

    Teachers are no longer required to take a separate attendance register and dinner register every day. Instead, SIMS Dinner Money automates data entry by using attendance information to automatically populate pupil default meal choices.

SIMS Agora

Online school payments made simple. Significantly reduce school payment administration by easily and securely collecting parent payments online with SIMS Agora.  Find out more>