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SIMS Discover for secondary schools and academies


SIMS Discover allows you to analyse your SIMS data and present it in a variety of ways. The powerful user interface enables the data to be presented in Venn diagrams, bar charts, pie charts and line graphs, with the ability to drill down into the data.

With SIMS Discover, you and your staff can analyse student data in minutes, saving valuable time.

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Why choose SIMS Discover?

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    Transform student data analysis

    Discover's user friendly interface and drag and drop actions simplify the challenging area of data analysis for all your staff.

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    Save time analysing your data and involve all your staff

    Allows staff to easily access all pupil data on one screen, rather than use different software packages and screens and find their own answers to traditionally complex queries.

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    Identify specific students and intervene earlier

    No student should go unnoticed. You can spot patterns and trends, helping you identify students who may have previously slipped under the radar and take appropriate action sooner.

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