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SIMS Financial Reporting Suite (SIMS FRS) for schools and academies


SIMS Financial Reporting Suite (FRS) provides Finance Officers and Business Mangers with enhanced and flexible reporting for SIMS FMS for primary and secondary schools and academies.

Effective financial reporting has never been more important. There is an increased need to share clear financial data with senior leaders and governing bodies. Being able to present financial information graphically often makes it easier for non-financial staff to quickly understand the data being shared.

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Why choose SIMS Financial Reporting Suite?

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    Improve your reporting processes

    Improved quality, flexibility and speed of reporting for data held in SIMS FMS. Tailor your reports to meet your audience's needs with drag and drop columns, conditional formatting and graphical representation of the figures.

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    Build an accurate picture of your financial position

    The Business Manager is able to produce an accurate and complete picture of the current financial position of your school quickly and easily.

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    Dynamic links to FMS

    Dynamic links with FMS enables the current position (budget, actual, and commitments) in SIMS (FMS) to always be available and up-to-date in FRS.

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