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SIMS IEP Writer for secondary schools and academies

SIMS Individual Education Plan (IEP) Writer provides learning support solutions which are tailored to the individual needs of each student.

Intuitive and easy to use, SIMS IEP Writer helps you to create effective plans, including realistic learning targets that challenge gifted students and encourage those with different abilities to achieve more.

IEP Writer is greatly valued for providing targets to children with SEN.

Why choose SIMS IEP Writer?

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    Engage parents and encourage students' learning

    Easily share a comprehensive record of how each student is progressing with parents and students. Display learning targets simply, helping students track their own progress and achievement.

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    Provide tailored learning support

    Create and update individual education plans (IEP) for every child in your school by adding notes or re-using existing student data in SIMS.

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    Continually raise individual student achievement

    Help teachers build on strategies to challenge gifted students and encourage the less able more effectively. Get automatic suggestions for the most appropriate goals for students.

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