The new SIMS Parent app and SIMS Student app allow schools to easily communicate with parents and students. Whether it’s sharing information such as attendance, or school reports, or sending reminders for homework tasks, all of the information is easily accessible from the convenience of their phone, tablet or PC.

The convenience of an app

The new SIMS Parent and SIMS Student apps are the next generation in our parental engagement solution. Building on the popular SIMS Learning Gateway, they provide a convenient and accessible solution for schools to communicate with parents and students on all aspects of school life. Parents with more than one child attending the same school can access information on both children from the app. The apps are easy to use and accessible from a smart phone, tablet or PC. They use SIMS ID, a secure single sign-on function so schools don’t need to manage logins.

Engaging parents' with their child’s learning

Whether it’s sharing information on attendance, homework and timetables or school reports and conduct, parents can stay on top of their child’s progress. Schools can easily send automated alerts and notifications directly to parents' phones. A clear dashboard gives parents an overview of their child’s school life, making for more meaningful conversation at parents’ evenings. Parents are more involved and can help support development and work with the school to improve outcomes for children.
The data collection functionality within the SIMS Parent app lets you easily collect the most up-to-date contact information from parents - helping you to meet your safeguarding obligations, should there be an emergency.

Inspiring students outside of school

Engaging students once they’ve left the school gates can be a struggle. The new SIMS Student app lets them view important information, such as their timetable, homework they've been set and feedback once it has been marked. Students can also receive alerts through the app to remind them of key information, for example, there is a careers fair happening at school tomorrow. Students can easily access key information outside of school directly from their phone, tablet or PC. Whether they are on the school bus or on their home PC, the information they need is always at their fingertips.

Improving efficiency for your school

The new SIMS Parent and SIMS Student apps are clear and easy to use, install and rollout to parents and students. Our pilot schools have commented on how easy the on-boarding process is. Single sign-on functionality removes the burden of resetting passwords from the school. The apps do not rely on the schools having expensive infrastructure to maintain them. Pulling data that is already held in SIMS, helps to make them an efficient solution for schools to communicate with parents and students. Schools can easily control which information they want to share with parents and students from the admin management portal.Your school can customise the communications that you send, based on the needs of your school. 

Evidence for your next inspection

Ofsted are increasingly focused on how you are working to improve parental engagement. The SIMS Parent app provides an audit trail of the communications you are sending and can be used as evidence at your next inspection.

Keeping children safe is the responsibility of everyone and Ofsted want to see evidence of safeguarding measures that you have in place. The SIMS Parent app allows schools to provide information to parents in real time. If they are notified that their child has missed registration, action can be taken immediately to ensure children are kept safe.

  • I would definitely use the SIMS Parent app. It’s got everything I need and it’s easy to use.

    Parent, Meadowhead School

  • Since we introduced the SIMS Parent app to our parents, it has been a huge benefit to our school. It has encouraged us to make greater use of SIMS in our school with the recording of homework. The use of the data collection element of the app has also provided us with an improved audit trail of changes to pupil details.

    Mandy Sharp, Data Manager, Humphrey Perkins School

  • The SIMS Parent app was easy to administer in school and is such a useful tool for parents. They can view their child’s term dates and other planned activities in school, whilst it also provides them with a platform to view their child’s school attendance, contact details and other relevant information.

    Ali Wilkinson, School Business Manager, Fenstanton & Hilton Primary School

  • It was easy to install and setup, and Capita were on hand with any support that was required. It was so easy to create accounts to get up and running and we also created a school email for parents to register their interest in the SIMS Parent app, which worked extremely well as it proved to be a validation of the email records we held for parents.

    Mandy Sharp, Data Manager, Humphrey Perkins School


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