Ensuring you’re getting the very best out of your teachers is key to the success of any school. SIMS Staff Performance provides senior leadership teams with the tools to effectively manage, monitor and report on the performance of their entire workforce.

Integration with SIMS Personnel allows school leaders to quickly and easily record staff performance alongside training and employment details, and to measure performance against professional standards already held in SIMS - building a complete picture of every member of staff.

Effectively manage the appraisal process

As a school leader it is essential that you understand the CPD requirements of your staff and whole school needs. Easily run reports on staff appraisals and understand the needs of your staff and school at a glance. Customise appraisal tools in line with the way your school works, and link individual objectives to whole school priorities.

Customise appraisal tools for an effective appraisal process

Save time on data input

Save time and build a complete picture of your staff by recording lesson observations and reviews, tracking objectives with staff professional development all in one central and secure location.

Nurture and maintain excellence in your workforce

With the shortage of quality teachers it has never been more important to ensure you’re supporting staff development and motivation across your school. Agree goals with members of staff and easily measure staff achievement against professional standards. Easily link CPD evidence back to individual objectives to ensure everyone is receiving the right opportunities to reach their full potential whilst contributing to whole school priorities.

Assess the impact of teaching staff against pupil outcomes

Measure the true impact that your teaching staff are having on pupil outcomes by utilising your school's student data held in SIMS. Easily compare pupil achievement against your staff performance data and attach as evidence in your staff records. This simple process allows senior leaders to consolidate data to make quick and informed decisions on staff performance.

Assess teaching staff performance

Teaching staff development plans

Show the positive impact of staff against professional standards with electronic reports from SIMS Staff Performance. These reports demonstrate that you’re effectively managing staff performance and raising standards throughout your school – and provides evidence for your performance related pay decisions.

Staff appraisals and performance
  • I keep an overview of the different teachers and a list of the outcomes of the children they teach. I make a note of how they manage behaviour and look at other aspects such as how they help with younger children. This is stored in our MIS and linked with pupil data, our pay scale and CPD.

    Linda Davis, Headteacher at Wistaston Academy

  • SIMS helps teachers and our senior leadership team to keep on top of their progress and allows us to easily provide evidence to Ofsted.

    Jayne Mullane, Headteacher at Mersey Vale Primary School

  • SIMS Staff Performance is integrated within the SIMS school database, enabling cross-referencing from other areas. It’s very easy for staff to access and it uses the same familiar interface as the rest of SIMS so uploading evidence and completing information is quick and easy.

    Gill Twells at Hinchley Wood School

How SIMS Staff Performance helps

  • Senior leaders

    Support improved teaching and learning by having a whole school overview of how your staff are performing, with a variety of reports and links to whole school objectives.

  • Teachers

    Drive your own performance by being able to upload evidence towards your objectives and view the outcomes of your own reviews.

  • Bursars

    View recommended pay progressions in your school, giving you a guide to staff salaries for the following year and allowing you to plan ahead more easily.

  • Primary

    Nurture and maintain a quality workforce and track the impact of CPD with an effective performance management system.

  • Secondary

    Review different teachers against pupil progress and analyse the impact on wider school objectives. 

  • Independent

    Agree goals with members of staff, and monitor how you can support them in reaching those goals. 

SIMS Assessment

Use SIMS Assessment with the SIMS Teacher app to easily access marksheets and record assessment judgements against the PoS. Learn more about SIMS Assessment >