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SIMS Teacher app

The new SIMS Teacher app

Imagine stepping into the classroom and your tablet knows which lesson you’re taking and shows the name and picture of all pupils in that class. Mark a pupil late and it shows by how many minutes.

The new SIMS Teacher app makes everyday classroom tasks, like taking the register, simple. So you can focus on inspiring your pupils.

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Who benefits and how?

Senior leaders

The SIMS Teacher app makes everyday classroom tasks more efficient for your teachers and helps ensure you have accurate and up-to-date attendance data on every pupil in your school. Essential details about pupils such as emergency contact information can be accessed securely by teachers.

Classroom teachers

Teaching shouldn’t be about endless administration tasks. The SIMS Teacher app makes everyday classroom tasks simple, so that taking registration, looking up a students’ information, or checking your timetable doesn’t take attention away from your class or your teaching.

The SIMS Teacher app has revolutionised the ability to take registers for staff at our school. The ability to view student photos in the register really helps new staff who are not familiar with their class yet…and even some of the staff who are familiar!

Matthew Wabe, Thetford Academy

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Registration made simple

The SIMS Teacher app makes it effortless for teachers to record attendance data for every pupil. It already knows which class you’re in and displays your pupils. Quickly record present, absent, late marks or school defined codes with a few simple taps so that you can get back to your class. If you need to mark a pupil late, the app automatically indicates the current number of minutes past the class start time.

See an overview of every pupil

Contact information and conduct can be viewed with each pupil profile, along with relevant medical and dietary information. A teacher can see at a glance if the pupil has been awarded behaviour or points in a previous class that day.

Assessment, achievement and behaviour

By tapping a pupil’s picture a teacher will be able to award achievement or behaviour points. The app records the correct number of points for each type. Teachers will be able to quickly and easily access assessment marksheets and then enter grades, comments and marks.

Check your timetable

The SIMS Teacher app allows teachers to check their timetable and wherever they are. You can also view the timetable for a pupil to see which lesson they should be in, view other teachers' timetables to arrange ad hoc cover, and even take another class's registration.

Access pupil information or take the register wherever you are

With the SIMS Teacher app teachers can access important pupil data, such as emergency contact information, away from the school buildings. They can also take the register while on a day trip or from the school playground.

Keep your school’s information secure

All the data used by the SIMS Teacher app is encrypted and the app uses industry standard security measures so all confidential information about pupils is secure.

The SIMS Teacher app with SIMS Learning Gateway

The SIMS Teacher app offers a simple, fast and elegant way to complete simple tasks such as recording attendance and conduct. The SIMS Teacher app provides access on Tablet devices only.

In contrast, SIMS Learning Gateway allows access through a browser on multiple devices (PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones). More intensive or complex tasks such as profiles (report writing) that schools wish to make available to teachers in the classroom or at home will still need to be completed via SIMS Learning Gateway in a browser.

By using SIMS Learning Gateway with the SIMS Teacher app, teachers will have the ability to complete all their classroom management and administrative tasks from almost anywhere using the device of their choice.

Security and technical information

The SIMS Teacher app integrates securely and seamlessly with your school’s SIMS system. Schools can configure the system themselves – and setting up a new teacher is quick and straightforward too.

The SIMS Teacher app is easy to setup and install, and most of the work is handled automatically by SIMS. A simple web console allows administrators to connect the app to their school’s SIMS database, generate activation codes for devices, and authorise teachers to use the app. Teachers can download the SIMS Teacher app directly from the App Store.
Teachers can use their existing accounts with these identity providers to access the SIMS Teacher app. There is no need to create an additional login.
Data security
The SIMS Teacher App is safe and secure and tested for the highest security. All information accessed by the SIMS Teacher App is secure and only accessible by completing several security steps and automated checks.

The SIMS Teacher App only works with devices that the school has registered and provided an activation code for. The data is encrypted for the device and the user. In addition, the SIMS Teacher App works with two-factor (2FA) authentication where users accessing the App have this enabled.

Is your school already using the SIMS Teacher app?

Your classroom teachers can download the iOS version for iPad now from the Apple App Store.