Exams – managing Performance Indicators

By Paul Featherstone

It won’t be long until the busy exam season is in full swing and to help you prepare, I wanted to alert you to some important changes for managing Performance Indicators (PI).

It is no longer a requirement in England for schools to import a Performance Measures file, which is why we’ve included additional functionality in the recent SIMS spring release. This will allow schools to own and take responsibility for the Performance Indicators in their data, which is used in the PI Reports.

What do I have to do?

Schools will need to ensure they have up-to-date Performance Indicators in SIMS, so that the PI Reports and associated analysis in other areas are accurate.

We appreciate that many schools will be doing this themselves for the first time, which is why several new menu routes have been added to allow you to clone and copy existing QNs (formerly referred to as QANs) that had results against them for 2016 to 2017. This process does not delete or make unavailable any 2016 QNs, it will simply make the 2017 list more manageable.


You can find more information on this new functionality in chapter 3 of the Processing Results and Calculating PI Data in Exams and SIMS handbook available in the Documentation Centre or on My Account.

This will help to provide you with a checklist of activities that you need to do to prepare the data for the PI Reports.

I hope you found this helpful for your school to plan ahead and ensure the successful running of the exam season. To view the latest notifications and patches for Examinations Organiser, please visit our Hot Topic page in My Account.

For an alternative method to calculate headline and other figures for exam results, register for our free webinar on 11 May.


isobel washbourne

Please can someone let me know how I import the QN numbers, as we have no previous series to use.
The new qualifications mean I need to use new QN number, but have no idea where they are stored on SIMS.

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