Managing your interventions with assessment outcomes

By Rachael Marshman

The spring release has been available for a couple of weeks now and if you haven't had a chance to play around with the new features yet, I urge you to take a look at SIMS Interventions. It’s a new module to the SIMS Core Suite that helps teachers and senior leaders track underperforming students and monitor the impact of any additional support that is being provided.

Not only does SIMS Interventions help you plan, run and report on any intervention, it can help schools track and monitor the cost of these too. Linked reports provide a quick reference for senior leaders to help understand which approaches are cost-effective to support strategic decisions or to challenge underperformance and prompt a review of alternative options.

It’s a very effective tool that enables schools to pull together exactly what staff are delivering to improve outcomes for children and evidence progress to date. If that wasn't enough to tempt you to take a look though, I wanted to give you an overview on how schools now have the ability to cross-reference their interventions with assessment outcomes.

Focus on student outcomes

New filters have been introduced into many of the assessment areas in SIMS Assessment that really open up the ability to focus on outcomes of children who are on interventions and compare them to those who are not, or indeed compare to any other contextual information such as whether a child is Pupil Premium, SEN or English as an additional language (EAL).


This will mean you can track your phonics booster classes and review achievement recorded against learning objectives within the Programme of Study area. Furthermore, you can compare EAL to non-EAL children, or review the general progress of students against any attendance interventions within a marksheet to see if it is having an effect on effort or attitude to learning.

If you use tracking grids, you can also see which students are on track or falling behind as well as how these outcomes compare for the cohort against students on an intervention.

Teachers and senior leaders can use the filtering capability across assessment to compare the results of students with and without different interventions and see whether or not students have been on one or more interventions using the column quick view.

Flexible to meet your needs

SIMS Assessment can help schools further identify underperforming students, whilst SIMS Interventions will enable schools to allocate support and resource to then track improvements and costs. Another great thing about SIMS Interventions is that it’s customisable so it can be setup to reflect the needs of your school.

For those schools who want to share progress relating to interventions with pupils and their parents, the new SIMS Parent and Student apps will help achieve this. Once your specific interventions groups are set up in SIMS you could then add the activity to your SIMS calendar, giving you the choice to further share details with both app calendars so only pupils involved with that specific activity and their parents will see it. This keeps everyone informed, improving school and home communications and supporting improved outcomes.

If you have already upgraded to the spring release, why not see how these features can help you.  For more information, please visit our web page or watch my new video as I show you how to access, view and filter various assessments by intervention group.


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