Supporting Let Teachers Shine to raise the attainment of disadvantaged children

By Phil Neal

Helping to close the gap between the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and their classmates is an issue that is moving ever higher on the agenda for the government and the education sector.

For Ofsted, it’s vital that schools prove they have spent their Pupil Premium funding effectively to help disadvantaged children. Schools need to evidence that they are using their funding in innovative ways to ensure they are closing the gap between poorer and wealthier families.

But it’s not only schools that can help make a difference to disadvantaged children’s lives – individuals and charities across the country are working to lead children to a better future. SHINE: Support and Help in Education, is a charity that has been working for nearly 15 years  to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and it is a cause that Capita SIMS supports wholeheartedly. SHINE’s mission is to support additional educational initiatives which encourage children and young people to raise their achievement levels.

Let Teachers SHINE

SIMS and SHINE Capita SIMS will be supporting SHINE on its journey to improve outcomes with its support of the charity’s Let Teachers SHINE programme. Let Teachers SHINE encourages teachers across England to think of new and innovative ways for disadvantaged children to improve their literacy, numeracy or science attainment.

The winners of the competition receive a grant to help set up a project in their school. This money will fund a year-long pilot programme to demonstrate that the initiative can achieve measurable improvements among disadvantaged students in these core subjects. To date, SHINE has awarded grants totalling £225,704 to 22 pilot schemes based in schools across England for the Let Teachers SHINE programme. The teachers running the projects are required to gauge the impact these initiatives are having on children’s attainment, so we can see a true measure of their success as the project runs.

Let Teachers SHINE has already supported some truly inspiring examples of teachers going the extra mile to help disadvantaged children. John Hayes of The East Manchester Academy came up with the idea of ‘Pocket Literacy Peers’. This involves peer mentoring through an app, allowing students to help those who are struggling with homework and have no one at home to assist them. The project idea is currently in the design stage with a local technology company. It’s certainly something that will make a significant impact for those students who may have otherwise been reluctant to admit that they were struggling at school.

The projects funded so far have already made a significant difference to disadvantaged children’s lives, which is why we’re helping SHINE to find teachers with innovative ideas to boost children’s learning.

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing some of the inspirational projects that teachers put forward this year.

If you are a teacher and have an idea you would like to put forward, submit your entry from Friday 28th February here.


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