A clearer picture of group performance

Aquila, the Diocese of Canterbury Academies Trust, was formed in May 2014 and now incorporates ten primary schools with more likely to be joining soon.

One of the Trust’s key priorities when it comes to managing data is keeping things as simple as possible for schools, while giving them the tools to effectively track pupil progress. Giving Aquila Trustees a high level overview of how schools within the Trust are performing is also a top priority.

Annie Wiles, the Trust’s Chief Operations Officer, sought the help of the SIMS School Improvement Team to create a bespoke tracking system to help their schools adapt to assessment without levels. They then created a customisable dashboard for the Trust’s senior leadership team to see a clear overview of data from all the schools in the Trust.

Adapting to assessment without levels

“Because SIMS is in all the primary schools anyway, it made sense to continue using SIMS and to use the tracking that’s already in there,” says Annie. “Having decided that, we then got to assessment without levels. We worked very closely with our school improvement consultant and a representative group of headteachers to create a bespoke tracking system for assessment that was going to work for our schools."