Efficiently managing extra-curricular activities

Ecclesfield School is a large secondary school in the north of Sheffield. It has around 1,750 pupils, making it the largest non-sixth form school in Sheffield. The school offers over 160 different extracurricular clubs and activities per year.

Sean Hollingworth, the school’s Business and Community Engagement Manager, had been searching for a system to record participation in extra-curricular activities for the last seven years. Sean was particularly passionate about finding a solution that could help the school track attendance in order to encourage greater participation in extra-curricular activities, and to help close the gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students.

Sean first saw SIMS Activities at a SIMS showcasing event at a local school. “SIMS Activities did exactly what we wanted it to do, so we jumped at the opportunity to use it in our school” says Sean. “It’s really easy to use. We’re starting to use it to track which students are taking part in activities, who is not and why.”