Goffs Academy: Driving parental engagement through the SIMS Parent app

Goffs Academy is a a mixed 11-18 comprehensive Academy with approximately 1300 students. The Academy is extremely popular in the local area, with the school receiving triple the number of applications to places. Fostering and maintaining close parental links are part of the school’s DNA and great emphasis is placed on keeping parents informed of how their child is doing at school.

The school has a long tradition of actively using technology to engage parents and it was the first school in Hertfordshire to use SIMS Learning Gateway in 2006. Fast forward to 2017, and the school wanted to update the way they were communicating with digitally savvy parents. The SIMS Parent app fitted the bill.

The app offers parents access to key information about their child such as timetable or homework details or achievement, attendance and behaviour information which can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet, explains Steve Floyd, Network & System Manager at Goffs Academy. “Busy parents increasingly want access to live information about their child at a time and place that is convenient to them, which is usually on their phone or tablet."