Monkseaton High, Tyne & Wear

For Monkseaton High School in Tyne and Wear, parental engagement is the key to raising standards and bridging the gap between the school and the home.

Parental engagement had always been important to the school but a drop in attendance at parents’ evenings made the school think again about how best to communicate with families. The school realised that they needed to do things differently to increase engagement. When parents told them that they wanted access information online, the school decided to purchase SIMS Learning Gateway so they could securely share information recorded in SIMS such as assessment data, achievements and attendance.

“We’ve seen an increase in attendance and we think it’s because parents can see from the resources online that attendance is closely matched to achievement and it’s led to greater participation.

"Our website and parents’ site has an increasing hit rate. For example, after an open evening in June 2009, 200 parents logged onto the parents’ site within 24 hours. So we know parents are accessing it but more importantly, we’re getting feedback from parents via email saying the site has improved their discussions with their children at home.”

Simon Thompson, Assistant Headteacher