Raising aspirations with SIMS

Children from across Bradford travel to Dixons Trinity Academy every day with a common purpose: to succeed at university, thrive in a top job and do well in life.

Since opening as a free school in September 2012, Dixons Trinity Academy has welcomed 224 students. Celebrating diversity, students of all abilities and ethnic groups study together for a brighter future.

The wealth of information in SIMS helps ensure the academy’s ethos achieves results. As Deputy Head Wesley Davies explains: “Over 90% of our students are on track to make expected levels of progress or higher from Key Stage 2 to 4.  We have a duty to support disadvantaged students and 95% of our Pupil Premium students are achieving or exceeding expectations with no gap between their progress and that of their peers.”

Using SIMS, the academy responds to every case of poor behaviour, with impressive results – detentions have been halved in the last year.  “We want to tackle low level behaviour before it escalates,” explains Wesley. “If a student fails to demonstrate one of our key learning habits, they receive a same day, after school detention. Teachers log this straight on to SIMS and the student’s family is texted immediately to let them know and explain the reasons behind it.  With SIMS, behavioural incidents are captured quickly.”

With SIMS Lesson Monitor, Wesley can keep a close watch on attendance levels too. “Every tutor has easy access to a record of their students’ attendance on the SIMS Homepage. If a child has below 90% attendance, this is automatically flagged and the school sends a letter home. This has helped us to achieve 97% attendance.”

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