Using SIMS InTouch to improve communication between teachers and parents

North Chadderton School in Greater Manchester  was looking at how they communicate the information they collect in SIMS: “We wanted a system that was simple to use, time efficient, cost-effective, and would allow us to keep everyone fully up-to-date,” says Janet Eppleston, Assistant Director of Business, ICT and Management Information.

The school chose SIMS InTouch – an SMS and email messaging tool - to fulfil this requirement.
“SIMS InTouch fitted the bill - as it is embedded in SIMS, we don’t have to log into a different system or import student contacts,” explains Janet.

SIMS InTouch allows schools to keep parents and staff members fully informed about school life – be it pupil behaviour, awards for achievement or unexpected school closures by text or email. For Janet, this means information can be shared quickly. “For example, a note can be made about a child’s good behaviour and instantly shared between teachers and parents, providing positive reinforcement for our pupils.  Conversely, if a child misbehaves, it’s recorded and linked straight to a detention, which is visible to all teachers so they can remind the pupil.”

The tool is also helping with attendance: “Every day teachers use SIMS Lesson Monitor to register their class. This provides information on attendance and behaviour, giving teachers a complete picture on a single screen. We are then able to use SIMS InTouch to send out text messages and emails to the parents of pupils who are absent. This helps reduce unauthorised absence as pupils know that any failure to attend school will be followed up.”

“SIMS InTouch saves us time and makes communication instant, helping with behaviour and attendance issues.” concludes Janet.

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