Wimbledon Chase Primary School, Merton

Wimbledon Chase’s popularity has continued to grow over the last few years. Although a long time user of SIMS, the school used to examine pupil progress reports in a paper format.  “With the school getting bigger, we needed to simplify our analysis,” says Catherine Roberts, the Deputy Head.

Under the new Ofsted framework there is an increasing need to monitor the progress of different groups. “At the time, the only way we could do this was to go through each class, highlighting children one at a time and then working out how they were performing compared to others. It would, quite literally, take me days. SIMS Discover makes the process of understanding the data very simple. We can identify vulnerable groups with just a few pupils in and monitor their progress,” says Catherine. “It ensures we are addressing everyone’s needs.”

The benefits of SIMS Discover were soon put to the test when just a couple of months later, Ofsted announced an inspection. Catherine was able to carry out the necessary analysis the day before the inspectors arrived. “Within 24 hours I had everything I needed to hand, which would have been absolutely impossible before we had SIMS Discover.”

Instead of giving Ofsted data that was three months old, they could hand the inspectors information that was completely up to date. “Children can make quite a lot of progress from February to May, so it made a real difference,” says Catherine.

The Ofsted inspection went incredibly well, as Catherine explains: “I was fully prepared for all of their enquiries as I had everything in front of me. They asked how the children on free school meals were doing and I could be exact. I was also able to show the exact percentage of pupils who had made six or more sub levels of progress from Key Stage One to Key Stage Two. It was wonderful to have that information at my fingertips.”

Ofsted was clearly impressed as it upgraded the school from “good with elements of outstanding” to “outstanding” overall.