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SIMS Discover features for primary schools and academies

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    Pre-defined graphs

    A Level Examination Graph Definitions, including Achievements by Half Term , Whole School Attendance, Student Bullying Incidents by Type, Whole School graphs and the Student Totals by Key Pastoral Factors.

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    Find trends and patterns in your pupil data

    Monitor at risk groups, assess intervention strategies - see the whole picture.

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    Easily create Venn diagrams

    By simply clicking and dragging you can create high level queries that show which pupils fall into all three categories.

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    Simple drag and drop interface

    The main SIMS Discover screen allows you to choose from a bank of predefined and customisable graphs and drag them onto the workspace.

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    Dynamic groups that are always correct

    Easily set up dynamic groups of pupils that can be seen throughout SIMS. Simply define your criteria, e.g. less than 80% attendance and more than 50 behaviour points.

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    Receive automatic alerts

    Allows staff to receive alerts on pupils joining or leaving dynamic groups to identify significant changes in student performance or behaviour.

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    Compare your data over time

    Compare the last three years to spot trends and patterns in your pupil data, monitor at risk groups and assess intervention strategies.

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