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Parental engagement

Keeping parents informed of their child’s school life is critical for inspiring learning. The challenge is to simplify the way you collect and communicate the information parents need.

Whatever the current level of parental engagement in your school, SIMS provides solutions that will help you initiate and control the parental engagement agenda, keeping parents on your side, not on your back.

Parental engagement

Share real time information

Share real-time information

SIMS allows you to provide parents with instant online access to information – anytime, anywhere. Via SIMS Learning Gateway, parents can view their child’s attendance, behaviour and achievement records in real-time. By providing information that’s relevant to them, it helps parents provide the right learning support at home.

Find out more about SIMS Learning Gateway for primary or secondary schools and academies

Keep parents updated – wherever they are

Imagine being able to keep parents fully up-to-date with everything relating to their child’s school life. With SIMS InTouch, you can – in an instant. Combining both SMS and email, you can send messages relating to a pupil’s behaviour, unexpected school closures, unexplained absences, special educational needs and more, keeping parents fully in the loop.

Find out more about SIMS InTouch for primary or secondary schools and academies

Keeping parents updated wherever they are
Inspire pupil motivation

Inspire pupil motivation

Encourage pupils to drive their own achievement by allowing them to see how they are progressing towards their learning targets. Through SIMS, you can provide pupils with access to their achievement data – anytime, anywhere. Providing access to homework diaries, learning targets and online learning forums, you encourage pupils to collaborate, discuss and learn together to drive progress.

The full power of SIMS

SIMS Consultancy Services can help you release the full potential of SIMS quickly in your school so you can start making an impact on your parental engagement. We also offer training courses tailored to your school’s specific needs.

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