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SIMS Accreditation Service

Our aim is to ensure that schools using SIMS receive the best quality support and training. SIMS Accreditation recognises those SIMS support teams providing high quality support to schools and aims to further develop the services they offer.

The assessment and accreditation of SIMS support teams aims to enhance the services schools receive, enabling them to explore the full capability of SIMS and make a significant improvement to children’s lives.

The SIMS Accreditation Service aims to:

  • assist SIMS support teams to deliver a high level of service to schools
  • identify good practice and development areas for the SIMS team to address
  • assure schools of the quality of service and support they receive with the knowledge that this will be monitored on a regular basis
  • ensure SIMS support is focused on the perceptions and needs of schools
  • provide a development plan to aid teams with further improving their offering

Benefits of being an accredited support team

  • Presence on our Capita SIMS website
  • Use of the Accredited SIMS support team logo and provision of accreditation award and certificates
  • Provision of a development plan which includes all school survey results, self-evaluation, school visits and assessed observation sessions
  • Discounted re-accreditation charge if specified school survey result rates are achieved.
  • Status of being a Capita accredited support team in a highly competitive environment, providing a valuable edge when seeking to win and retain customers

To find out if Accreditation is suitable for your support team take a look at the assessment process in more detail...

View the assessment process

Celebrating success

Becoming an accredited SIMS support team is an achievement that should be celebrated. Once your team is accredited, we visit you on site to present your award and feature all recently accredited teams on our website.

See our recently accredited teams