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School Improvement Programme


Our School Improvement Programme helps drive improved teaching and learning by ensuring you’re getting the most out of your biggest asset - your data. Our specialist consultants will work with you to develop a programme that is tailor-made for your school. They have all worked as senior leaders and have a proven track record of helping schools provide evidence of improvement to parents, governors and Ofsted. The packages below show examples of some of the areas our consultants can help you with.

Strategic Planning

The School Improvement Programme wheel

To develop the effective use of data by leaders and managers to support school improvement and maintain an ‘always prepared’ for inspection policy. Following the consultancy, a SIMS Strategic Development report and action plan is produced to identify the current use of data and where maximum benefit could be further gained from using SIMS to provide evidence in each of the four Ofsted judgements. The day would also identify future training needs.

Primary Assessment - Assessment without levels

To review and develop the school’s current assessment practices and support the implementation of a new method for assessing without levels. The package includes:

  • A review of current best practice in assessing without levels together with suggestions of how to develop your school’s assessment policy
  • An overview of how the effective use of SIMS can assist middle level leaders in supporting their roles
  • A session to develop the skills of middle level leaders in asking the right questions in order to support accurate self-evaluation
Assessment without levels in primary schools

Secondary Assessment

Secondary assessment

To provide schools with a forensic data analysis system to assist with school improvement and provide staff with professional development on the leadership and management of data. The package includes:

  • Analysis tools for instant access to data which enables measurement of all the key performance indicators
  • Training for middle leaders, pastoral managers and key staff on ways to analyse data using SIMS and lead a strategy for school improvement.

Customised Reporting Service

The new customised reporting service provides instant access to the key information you need to drive school improvement priorities. One of our expert consultants will work with you to identify the areas you wish to focus upon, whether it’s monitoring the achievement of a particular cohort, class attendance by year or exam results by subject or teacher. You will then have access to a Personalised Data Dashboard with all the reports you need, pushed straight to your desktop. The reports are updated overnight and you can choose to receive your reports as often as you like.

Self-evaluation support

School improvement is most successful when there is a balance of internal self-evaluation and external review. Our consultants take an objective view and evaluate both quantitative and qualitative performance measures.

The day provides an opportunity for a thorough review of the school’s approach to self-evaluation, monitoring and performance management using SIMS to provide evidence. There is also a focus on how different areas of SIMS can be used to identify the impact of intervention strategies as well as the school’s strengths and priorities for development.

Governor training

Bespoke on-site training for governors, which will raise awareness of evidence held within your school’s SIMS data to enable them to support their headteacher by gaining an accurate understanding of the schools performance and to ask challenging questions in order to hold senior leaders to account. School performance indicators, punctuality, behaviour and academic progress will be explored and the impact of continual professional development and target setting against Ofsted criteria.

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