Bringing SIMS to You

Over the last few months we’ve been bringing SIMS to you at a series of regional events. As this is not possible at the moment we’ve recorded the sessions as webinars. Watch our SIMS and education experts in our recorded webinars. Sessions cover thought leadership, best practice and more practical ‘how to with SIMS’ sessions.

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Bringing SIMS to You - Successful parental engagement to nurture learning outcomes

Recorded on 25th March

An overview of the SIMS engagement services and how they can help your school to unlock the single, most important, changeable factor in student achievement. This session aims to equip attendees with practical steps to support schools to deliver better outcomes.

Bringing SIMS to You - How SIMS supports Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework

Recorded on 25th March

An update on the new Ofsted inspection framework. How can SIMS support you in evaluating how well your school’s curriculum meets the needs of all learners? How can your school use SIMS to evidence the impact of actions on improving attendance rates and positive behaviour?

Bringing SIMS to You - Best practice in managing data and being GDPR compliant

Recorded on 25th March

More than eighteen months have past since GDPR came into effect, how are schools coping with the changes in regulation? What can be done in SIMS to help you keep your data up to date? This session offers a refresh on housekeeping routines and related GDPR activities.

Bringing SIMS to You - SIMS and Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning (ICFP)

Recorded on 25th March

Introducing the free ICFP resources from SIMS and how they can help you to review and improve efficiencies across your school or MAT, using SIMS and your finance product.

Bringing SIMS to You - Simplifying access to your cloud services

Recorded on 25th March

This session will demystify SIMS ID and how it can help you to keep control of your data in an increasingly complex world of third-party applications. Manage parent and staff users and save time and money by integrating SIMS ID with Office 365 and Google.

Bringing SIMS to You - Best practice assessment to drive achievement and improve outcomes

Recorded on 25th March

Raising standards is near the top of the agenda in all schools. This session will show how SIMS can support your assessment policy and provide meaningful information for senior leadership teams, teachers and students.

Bringing SIMS to You - Top tips to get more from SIMS

Recorded on 25th March

This session aims to help users get more from their SIMS software. From daily attendance reports to graphical dashboards for governors and behaviour analysis for senior leaders – there’ll be something for everyone.

Bringing SIMS to You - Monitoring and improving outcomes for your whole school or MAT

Recorded on 25th March

Introducing the free SIMS Consolidated Reporting resources and how you can use SIMS to analyse attendance, behaviour, assessment and more.

Bringing SIMS to You - The future with SIMS

Recorded on 25th March

A demonstration of SIMS Primary and what is coming in the future.

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