SIMS Wraparound Care

Automated booking and payment handling for school childcare sessions

With any-time access, parents are given peace of mind that their child care sessions have been booked whilst reducing the administrative burden on schools. 

SIMS Wraparound Care is part of the SIMS 360 parental engagement solution

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Any time access for parents

With 24-hour access to book places but also the ability to amend or cancel as their circumstances change, parents are given peace of mind that their before and/or after school childcare requirements have been made. Parents are also able to pay their balances separately and are sent automatic low balance reminders to help manage their finances at a time that suits them.


Parents have any-time access to SIMS Wraparound Care

Reduce administrative burden

By moving the booking and payment process online and giving parents the ability to self-manage their own requirements, SIMS Wraparound Care will reduce the time spent managing this process and support telephone calls from parents.

Cost effective, standalone solution

Schools do not need the full SIMS payment system to benefit from SIMS Wraparound Care. Uniquely available as a standalone tool, it removes the need for any additional costly modules for your current payment system. However, SIMS Wraparound Care is now inclusive with SIMS Pay so existing and new customers will also benefit.

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Enhance efficiency and accuracy

A real-time attendee list enables schools to allocate the correct number of staff required to support out of hours childcare. SIMS Wraparound Care also automatically populates registers based on booking and payment information in SIMS, helping to reduce double entry.

Enhance efficiency and accuracy

School safety

Attendee limits can be set to ensure sessions are not oversubscribed and that children are not turned away from the session. SIMS Wraparound Care also provides the flexibility to be set up in line with a school’s own booking and safety policy.

SIMS Wraparound Care

Improve the management of your childcare sessions

SIMS Wraparound Care gives parents access to an online booking and payment system enabling them to amend or secure places at any-time whilst dramatically reducing the administrative burden for schools.

Watch this short video and see how SIMS Wraparound Care can help simplify the whole process for everyone involved.

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