Preparing for a New School Year (Pastoral) - Secondary

Course overview

This half day course explores the pastoral arrangements for the new academic year including the new student intake, student leavers and associated procedures. This pastoral course complements the academic course. Before the new school year commences, both the academic and pastoral process must be completed in SIMS.

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Benefits of attending

To gain an overview and understanding of the pastoral requirements of the new school year.

What you will learn

• creating the new academic year
• make pastoral structure adjustments including creating new registration groups
• the pastoral promotion process to update year group and class group memberships for the new school year
• dealing with admissions including the creation of pre-admission groups and importing data from LA ATF and CTFs
• processing leavers
• housekeeping routines.

Who is it for?

Staff with responsibility for preparing SIMS for the new academic year who have a basic knowledge of SIMS, including administrative staff, pastoral officers and data managers.

Also consider:
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• School Census – Secondary
• SIMS Office User – Top Tips and Techniques
• Standard Reporting

Course details

Phase of education
  • Secondary
Delivery Type
Face to face
Areas of responsibility
Administrative Staff
Data Manager
Course code
Half Day
Products covered
SIMS Core Suite

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